06 April 2007

Credit card debt for "experiences"

Lisa Pryor's latest column in the SMH is excellent as usual. She points out that a lot of the temptation leading to splurging on credit cards is not to buy stuff, like electronic hardware, but "experiences".
She writes:

"A lot of young people with credit card debt think they are buying abstract nouns - experiences, memories, togetherness, exploration and freedom.

When you use debt to buy abstract nouns you can explain away the guilt. You are not a shallow materialist living beyond your means if you slap air fares, mobile phone bills and scuba diving lessons on the plastic. Oh no. You are simply living life to the fullest. The anti-consumerist consumerist says things such as "you can't put a price on memories", "keeping in touch is more important than money" and "I have no regrets because I've had some fantastic experiences". Been there, done that."


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