17 February 2007


Review of new book damning pornography.

"In Pornified (an awful choice of title for an interesting book), Pamela Paul builds a sustained argument showing the detrimental effect of pornography on American life. The initial chapters are fairly neutral in tone, but as the book progresses her stance against pornography becomes more pronounced. Her assumptions are not religious and she does not repeat old anti-porn arguments that insist the pornography leads to rape. Rather, she provides evidence that most pornography is degrading to women; men use pornography in secret and especially with Internet pornography, they tend to spend hours each week using it, and this changes their expectations of how their female partners should look and behave and thus hurts their relationships; many men start using pornography compulsively, and drift into more hardcore pornography, bestiality and child pornography; children and young people are starting to learn about sex from pornography and model their behavior on what they see..."


Blogger Jim said...

Fair enough in principle, but if you're talking causality you need more than anecdotes and surveys. Surely there's enough proper psychological research to report?

9:24 AM  
Blogger Cathy Legg said...

Yes I should have a dig around for this and see what I can find...

4:06 PM  

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