12 December 2008

Our Conference

I really enjoyed our conference last Saturday. Thanks to all who participated.

The talks were:

“Welcome. Overview of the Project”
James Franklin (UNSW)

“Addiction and the Elements of Self-control”
Jeanette Kennett (ANU and Monash University)

“Mistakes in restraining petrol sniffing”
Jenness Warin

“From the Culture of Wowserism to the culture of Healthism: Law, Custom, Fashion and Etiquette in Australian Smoking, 1900-1990s”
Ian Tyrrell (UNSW)

“A Case of Life and Death: Crime & Self-Control in Gin Lane"
Judy Stove (Research Assistant, Restraint Project)

“Restraint, Art and Moralism”
Craig Taylor (Flinders University)

“Pornography, Censorship and Strategies for Self-Regulation”
Gerald Keaney (University of Queensland)

“The Phenomenon of Extended Childhood Incontinence: Abandonment of Toilet-training of Today’s Infants & Toddlers”
Anna Christie

“Summing up. Where to From Here?”
Catherine Legg (University of Waikato)

Copies of many of the talks are now available on the conference website.

If anyone who attended the conference is reading the blog and would like to discuss any of the issues further - please feel free to post here.


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