22 December 2008


I heard an interesting show on the radio (774) the other day, discussing the effect on children of observing parental drinking. A key speaker was from an organisation called DrinkWise, which advertises itself like this:

"DrinkWise is an evidence based organization focused on promoting change towards a more responsible drinking culture in Australia. DrinkWise aims to contribute to the development of a drinking culture in Australia that reduces alcohol related harm and thereby maximizes the benefits from moderate alcohol consumption...Reducing alcohol abuse and the harm it causes, lies at the heart of the DrinkWise mission for a healthy drinking culture. The long term aim is to see intoxication, ‘risky’ and ‘high risk’ drinking behaviour become socially unacceptable."

In March this year the Rudd government introduced a new campaign directed at reducing binge-drinking in Australia. It's called, 'Don't turn a Night out into a Nightmare'.


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